FastBraces are the new, quicker alternative to conventional braces. They differ from traditional braces primarily in the form and shape of the brackets. Traditional braces are square, while the brackets on FastBraces are triangular. Due to their customized shape and design, they are virtually painless and require much less time for tooth alignment than conventional braces.

Who Can Benefit from FastBraces?

FastBraces are suitable for patients of all ages who want quick results. Bliss Family Dentistry uses FastBraces for the correction of following problems:

• Tooth crowding

• Poorly aligned teeth

• Excessive teeth gaps

• Crossbite

• Overjet

• Deep bite

What are the Benefits of FastBraces?

FastBraces have the following advantages over traditional braces:

Less Treatment Time – fast braces are designed in such a way that they reduce the treatment time by one-half of traditional braces.

3D Tooth Movement from Day One – Traditional braces push on the crown, and the roots follow – thus tooth movement is slower. FastBraces apply the force on the crown, as well as the root, from day one. Also, the force is distributed over a greater part of the tooth and, hence, it is milder and does not damage the gums and the periodontal ligament. Ultimately, root resorption is less compared to that with traditional braces.

Less Pain – with FastBraces, the forces generated on the teeth are not focused at a single point. Rather, they are distributed equally in all directions. Therefore, compared to conventional braces, there is less pain and discomfort during tooth movement.

Cost Effective – Cost of FastBraces is nearly half that for the conventional braces.

Are FastBraces for Me?

FastBraces are effective, fast, and less expensive than traditional braces. Those who want a quick treatment should consider FastBraces, provided the desired movement is limited.

To discuss whether FastBraces are suitable for you, book an appointment with Bliss Family Dentistry today, and say hello to a more beautiful and charming smile.

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